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If you're wanting to manage your server files directly from your PC, you can use a desktop FTP client to connect and view, edit, or download/upload files to your server. Below is a short guide on how to connect using FileZilla, which is the preferred FTP client amongst most users.

1.) Download FileZilla client onto your PC and install the client. You can download the latest version of FileZilla client here. ( )
2.) To find your FTP details, navigate to your Multicraft panel and look at the left sidebar, click "Files" then "FTP File Access" once the drop down menu appears.

3.) Once the client is installed, run FileZilla. You will see a quick connect bar at the top which is where you can easily input your FTP credentials and connect to your game servers FTP.

4.) Once connected, you can view/edit/download/upload files directly to your server from your desktop.

** It is highly recommended to use 'Notepad++' when editing .yml configuration files. Make sure to never use "TAB" spaces in .yml files as it will break your config. **

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