How do I become an administrator or get a server admin privilege key on my Teamspeak 3 server? Print

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In order to become Administrator on your Teamspeak 3 server you'll need the privilege key for the permissions. By default, you should receive an e-mail with your Administrator token key after you order your Teamspeak 3 server, if not, you can manage your tokens through our TCAdmin control panel.

1.) Go to TCAdmin and login, then go to the "Teamspeak Browser" under your voice servers.
2.) Under your server, click the "Token" tab. This will bring up your tokens listing where you can manage your tokens.
3.) There should be a token already created, if not, click the "New Token" button at the top to create a new token. <IMAGE>
4.) Create a new token and set the Type to 'Server Group' and the Group to 'Server Admin', in the description you can just put "Admin". <IMAGE>
5.) Now click Save to create the token. It will now list the token in your control panel. <IMAGE>
6.) Now lets open our Teamspeak 3 client and connect to the server. Click the Connect tab and enter your TS3 IP and port, with the username that you want to use. Before connecting, click the "More" button at the bottom to drop down advanced options (<IMAGE>). Here you can enter a One-Time Privilege key, enter the privilege key that you created here and press Connect (<IMAGE>), now you are logged onto your Teamspeak 3 server as Super User - You can now edit channels, create groups, and manage all of the aspects of your server as an Administrator.

If you have any issues, feel free to open a support ticket in your client area and we can help you.

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