How do I add a custom banner to my Teamspeak 3 server? Print

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If you're wanting to use an image banner in your Teamspeak 3 server, we've bad a brief guide on how to do this for starters. You will need to be connected as Super User to your Teamspeak 3 server, if you don't know how, please review our other guide here on how to do so.

1.) Connect to your Teamspeak 3 server through your client and ensure that you're Super User.
2.) Right click your main server channel and click "Edit Virtual Server". <IMAGE>
3.) Under the 'Host' tab (default), you'll see a "Host Banner" section. This is where you can enter your banner image link and a URL for it. <IMAGE>
4.) In this example we'll use our Exodus Hosting logo and link it to our site, so we've entered a temporary link to it and clicked "Apply". (View image above)
5.) Now go back to your Teamspeak 3 client and you should see your image banner. <IMAGE>

If you still need help, or have any questions, send a technical support ticket in and we can help you.

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