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SSH & FTP are the two main methods used to access your server. SSH is used to access your Server's Admin Terminal and FTP is used to transfer files to and from your server.

FTP Access

FTP allows you to install plugins, download and edit configuration files and download backups of your server files.

To get started, You will need a program for accessing your server via FTP. We recommend FileZilla which can be found at

FileZilla is a free to use FTP client and one of the easiest available. With Windows, Mac and Linux support, It allows you to easily drag and drop files to and from your server.

Access Details

Once you have FileZilla (or any other trusted FTP client) installed, you will need to provide your server details to connect to the server. You set the root password upon registering and Your server IP has been included in the welcome email. Below are the generalized details you will need.

  • Hostname: sftp://Your.Server.IP (Example
  • Port: 22
  • Protocol (If requested): SFTP
  • Username: root
  • Password: (This is the root password)

Now, simply click the "connect" button and your FTP client will access your server. If you're using FileZilla, your files and directories should appear in a simple Windows Folder fashion.

The folders you should modify are located in the /home/ folder. Do not modify files outside of this unless you know what you're doing.

Common Problems

  • Error - Authentication Failure: This usually means that either your username or password are invalid. Ensure the username is 'root'.

SSH Access

Accessing your server via SSH is generally only for more advanced users. This provides you access to the server console similar to a Windows Command Prompt.

SSH can be used to install scripts on your server, remotely download data, install additional applications and various other functions.

You can access your server via SSH using a Remote Terminal program such as PuTTY - available here:

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