I went through 3 different Minecraft hosts before coming to Exodus. Since then I have nothing bad to say about Exodus. Their customer service is top and the server is lag free. I would recommend them to anyone.


I've been with Exodus since January 2012 and I have been a very happy customer the entire time! The quality of the server is amazing and for a very good price! Keep up the good work Exodus!


I have been with Exodus for 8 months. They were there every step of the way, great prices and support. With hundreds of people on my server with fast connections, I would recommend Exodus to anyone for their hosting solutions!


I've been playing on an Exodus server since before it was Exodus hosting for our Minecraft server. On the rare occasions I've had to consult customer service, they've always been fast and friendly. I've recommended Exodus Hosting and will continue to do so to all my fellow nerds for their hosting needs.


Exodus is a truly amazing host. Great pricing, reliable hosting, and awesome ticket support. I'd definitely come back, and would certainly recommend Exodus to anyone looking for a host.


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