Why Us?

1Our Network

We use high quality bandwidth providers to provide the lowest possible latency throughout the world, providing a better gaming, and general server use experience for you.

1Our Datacenter

Exodus Hosting uses a professional, high quality datacenter in Dallas, Texas which is a great centralized location for customers. We also have staff locally in case of emergencies.

1Our Support

Exodus Hosting has a knowledgeable support staff to ensure that any questions you have get answered quick and properly. We provide 24/7 ticket support, with most tickets being handled in under 30 minutes.

1Our Price

Exodus Hosting has very great value for the price you pay, and in most cases, we are cheaper than the competition. We also give many free extras that will cost you with other companies, so you know you are getting a good deal.

Minecraft Server Hosting

We provide you with a simple way to create your minecraft server, by providing the best minecraft server hosting with over 500,000+ Servers hosted

Caves and Clffs Part 2 1.18.1

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