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Our Beginning

1Exodus Hosting started as a host dedicated to quality at an affordable price, starting from humble beginnings offering servers in Kansas City, Missouri in September 2011. We were started by gamers who already had years of experience in the game server hosting industry, and wanted to make a company that they could grow and be proud of. Affordable quality is our goal, and has been in our DNA since the day we began.

Our mission statement

Our goal is to offer the highest quality service possible, while maintaining an affordable cost for the customer, while providing the best service we can to the customer before, during, and after their purchase. We achieve these goals by only using the highest quality hardware, providers, and bandwidth to guarantee high quality servers, and do not settle or compromise.

Why Us?

Why should you choose Exodus? Get to know here.

Our Team

We have a great staff at Exodus Hosting. Get to know them here.


We offer services from an excellent datacenter in Dallas, TX. Check it out here.

Minecraft Server Hosting

We provide you with a simple way to create your minecraft server, by providing the best minecraft server hosting with over 500,000+ Servers hosted

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