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Can I get a trial server?

Absolutely! We can offer three day free trials with Minecraft servers. Simply order a plan as if you were ordering normally, and continue the checkout process until you reach the invoice. At that point stop, and open a support ticket requesting a three-day free trial. Please allow some time, and we can get this activated for you.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Yes! You are able to upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time during the billing cycle. You can do it from your client area and select which plan you would like to switch to.

How long does the setup typically take?

The server is setup instantly once the payment is received. Be sure to check your spam folder in your email inbox if you have not received your server details within 10 minutes of sending payment. If you still are not able to locate this email, please open a support ticket and we can look into this for you.

Do I receive a control panel with my server?

Yes! Every server comes with the Multicraft control panel.

Am I able to use a different control panel?

We are only able to offer the Multicraft control panel with our Minecraft plans. If you want to use another control panel, you will need a dedicated server.

Can I get a free DNS pointer (subdomain) for my server?

Yes! We are able to give out "" subdomains for free. Keep in mind, if you do not have the default port, you will need to specify the port on the end of the subdomain in order to connect. To request one, simply open a support ticket in our billing panel, and include the subdomain you wish to request.

Can I use a custom JAR file?

Yes! You can use FTP to upload your custom JAR into the JAR folder on your server, and set the name of the JAR file (case-sensitively) on Multicraft. Then save, restart, and your server should be running on the custom JAR file! We also provide free mod pack setup for Tekkit, Feed the Beast, and other public packs!

Can I get a discount for paying in a longer billing period?

Yes! We offer a 5% discount if you pay three-months at a time using our Quarterly billing period.

Why can't I connect to my new server?

If your server is online in the Multicraft panel but you are unable to connect to your server, please check the port that is set on the Multicraft panel carefully. If it is not "25565", you will need to specify it at the end of the IP in order to connect (ex. We do provide a dedicated IP free with all plans, so it should be 25565 by default if you tick the option when ordering.

Can I install Craftbukkit plugins on my server?

Yes! We even offer a one-click Bukget plugin installation system, where you can easily search and manage plugins on your server.

Will you install plugins for me?

We do not offer installation by our support staff, however you can use the Bukget plugin installer on Multicraft to quickly and easily setup most plugins.

Can I upload my existing world to my new server with Exodus?

Yes! You can use an FTP client like Filezilla to connect to your server, and upload files or folders to your server with Exodus.

Can I transfer my server to a different location?

Yes! We provide services out of Dallas (TX), New York City (NY), Seattle (WA), and Los Angeles (CA)!

Can I get SSH access to my Minecraft server?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer this option at this time.

Can I cancel my server at any time?

Yes! Simply do so by opening a support ticket.

Can I get a refund for my Minecraft server?

If within three days of your purchase, you may be able to receive a refund. We can usually issue a 100% refund if paid using PayPal, or 80% if paid by credit or debit card (due to transaction fees).

What happens if I do not pay on time?

You will receive an invoice to your email about a week before your server bill is due. The due date will be posted on the invoice. If your invoice becomes overdue, your server is suspended, which locks your server in a stopped status. After one week if the payment still hasn't been made, your service will be terminated, which deletes all of the files on your server, and cancels the service.

My server was terminated. Can I get my files back?

Unfortunately once the server is terminated the files are deleted and are not able to be restored.

Dedicated Server FAQ

How long does it take to setup a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers typically take 24 to 48 hours to provision, Please submit a ticket before ordering, to check for setup times and available stock

Can I get Multicraft installed on my dedicated server?

Yes! We can install Multicraft on a CentOS server with us for a $25 one time fee. You will need to provide your own Multicraft license key.

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